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What is Storyboarding?

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Assignment Video

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What IS this?
A storyboard is a graphic plot summary for any sort of visual story.  It is a PLAN for what a finished video will look like.  It can be presented in comic strip form (small panels) or slideshow form (one panel per page) and usually contains a written element to explain the details about what is in the panel.  
Each panel represents a visual shift in the camera's perspective or an event in the story. Every time there is a close-up or the camera switches view, a panel is presented to show the shift.  This makes it a lot easier for the film-makers to create the visual story.  

Watch the video What is Storyboarding? on the left to learn more.  You can also visit wikipedia to get a more detailed overview of storyboarding: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Storyboard

Commercial Example
Check out this link for an example of how a storyboard compares to a completed video.  The example is for a Volkswagon Advertisement. https://vimeo.com/10298650

The Assignment

Watch the assignment video and choose one of the three short clips about working together. Using the storyboard template provided, visually map (storyboard) the clip by breaking it into segments.  Make sure to briefly describe what is happening in the scene for each panel.  Remember, storyboards are maps of the story showing the specific details that appear in the final film.  This assignment has you "reverse engineering" a storyboard -- every scene change, every change of the perspective in the camera's "eye", indicates a need for a new panel.  
Corey Ivany,
Dec 11, 2016, 8:48 PM