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Principles and Elements of Design

Here is a very short video that demonstrates the principles and elements of design.  It also shows the effects of applying multiple elements or combining elements and principles (ex: if you add the principle of repetition to the element of line).

YouTube Video

What is this Stuff?

The Elements of Design can be thought of as the basic parts of art and design.  They are the 'pieces of the puzzle' that designers use.  By themselves, they are interesting but not overly useful for communicating ideas.  The Principles of Design are different ways we can use and combine the various Elements to effectively communicate meaningful ideas.  

NOTE: Depending on what you read (and when) you will find that there are a few elements and principles that are always agreed upon (ex: line, shape, emphasis, contrast, etc.) and a few that don't always show up (ex: value and dominance).  We will be using the Principles and Elements in the posters below (click to enlarge) as the foundation of our learning in this class.


Assessment will be based on process and product. 

You will work in partners to compile a poster demonstrating examples of all of the Elements and Principles of Design. These will be collected using mobile devices (cameras, phones, tablets, etc.) and/or other methods. They must be from the world around you (not found online).

Ask yourself: 
  • Are all elements and principles represented?
  • Do my examples clearly show what I'm representing?
  • Are my examples authentic?  
  • Does my presentation explain my examples?