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Sip and Sit Program


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Cleaning of these water bags should be done regularly at home. There are many ways to clean this type of beverage container.  The most common method is to:

1.       Fill the hydration pack with 75% HOT water and half a teaspoon of liquid dish soap.

2.       Replace the lid and shake vigorously.

3.       Pour/squirt out the water and add clean hot water.

4.       Replace the cap and repeat these steps as needed to thoroughly clean the bag and nozzle by squirting and emptying again.  

We are very pleased to announce the beginning of our Sip and Sit program here at OLOC!  This program is very simple – it ensures that students are able to have access to clean, healthy water at all times during the school day without interruptions to their learning.  The school has purchased a BPA-Free Hydrapur Water Bag (valued at approximately $10) for every student. These are a one-time gift and are now the responsibility of each individual.  All students have their names added to the containers in permanent marker – students are not permitted to share their beverages with others for obvious health reasons. 

The expectation around this is that students will arrive in the morning with these filled -- it is recommended that only water be carried in these containers.  Students are responsible for using the water bags appropriately and keeping them clean and safe.  Screw-caps should be tightly secured and checked for leaks.  Students should not keep beverages for long periods of time. Fresh liquid should be added daily to cleaned containers to avoid bacteria growth.

Students may fill these water bags throughout the day, if necessary, during scheduled breaks (recess and lunch) except during boil orders when water is limited and costly.  

Visit this website to learn more cleaning methods for water bottles and hydration packs!